FS vs SF: Draughts vs Chess?

Being an internet junkie I came around some stuff on youtube where people are saying that reducing the input of a game makes it have less depth. Okay, I know that people here now Fantasy Strike still has a lot of depth, but I wanted to ask of your if the comparison with Chess and Draughts holds true.

Chess and Draughts are both Turn Based Strategy games.
Street Fighter and Fantasy Strike are both Fighting games.

Chess is difficult to learn and more difficult to master.
Street Fighter is difficult to learn and more difficult to master.

Draughts is easy to learn, but difficult to master.
Fantasy Strike is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

I have always said that Draughts is more difficult then Chess, although that’s debatable. It’s just that you don’t here Chess players complain about the fact that something like Draughts exist. Still there are a lot of FGC-players out there that seem concerned about the coming of Fantasy Strike as though it may make the genre less appealing. That’s like saying that people who play Chess are ‘better’ than people who play Draughts.

Is somebody getting me with this?

The comparison isn’t 100% spot-on if only because draughts/checkers has been solved, but it’s not wildly off-base either.

Yeah, I doubt we will have a ‘Deep Strike’ program beating live players with FS or SF soon!


Google tells me that Draughts is checkers, which I think is a terrible game.
I actually like to compare Connect 4 to chess, which you can actually set up checkmates. It feels a lot more like chess lite than checkers does.

Also a solved game though.

I’m not sure that’s a good comparison because of how different chess and checkers are compared to how similar FGs are.

I prefer to think of it this way: would Rocket League be better or deeper with homing special moves to hit the ball or bump opponents?
Not necessarily, I say. There would be a trade-off of players doing really cool stuff vs whiffing more if they get the dragon punch input wrong.
And part of the beauty of RL is the complexity from such few inputs. There’s only about 7 different inputs, plus the analog stick. And they’re all about only one thing, moving the car.