FSX2017 - Fantasy Strike Tournament VODs

Hey all,

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, check out the VODs here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/149499791


I was fortunate enough to watch it live, and you have chosen the correct subforum to post this in.

Congrats on beating Justin Wong, by the way! Even if he’s going to become good enough to destroy you later, this is a glimpse of Fantasy Strike’s mission: Without the execution barrier in the way, all that mattered was knowledge and prediction, and you did better at that this time.

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“Filthy” Commentary Juicer xD

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Makes me sad that I stuck in Midori vs Leontes. Should have made the switch to Rook, since I actually know the Rook vs Jaina match-up. Still, very happy with my overall performance. Can’t. Wait. Until. Netplay.

Later on in the day I ended up finding some Jaina vs. Rook tech that is… Problematic. So at the time, you probably could have beaten me. But once I discovered the forbidden tech, it seems like a 9-1 or even 10-0 matchup.

However, @CWheezy is probably correct in saying that if Rook can get in a little easier, the matchup becomes heavily favored for Rook. So it’s a weird situation balancewise where the low level play in the matchup is currently Rook favored, but the high level is Jaina favored.

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9-1 in Jaina’s favor? What is this tech?


Is there some kind of pre-patch Setsuki kunai/command throw mix-up going on?