Future plans for seasons?

Disclaimer: I am aware that every feature, know matter how small it may seem, will cost at least many thousand dollars.

Are there any plans to make seasons more hype? Or just more noticable in general. Currently the only in-game way to find out about them even existing is by clicking on your profile and noticing that you can sort by season. And even then you have no way of knowing when a season started or when it will end. Information about seasons seems lacking in that regard.

Additionally, I think it might be nice to have a couple of motivators related to seasons. Doesn’t have to be fancy rewards, even just a notice telling the player “Hey, the season ends in two weeks! You only need 3 more stars to make it to gold, good luck!” might be nice. Otherwise seasons may just end up feeling “Oh, a reset, guess I’ll start over”.

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Seasons will reset every 3 months. The point is to reset rank (rather than having rank decay), though you’ll start with some bonus stars each new season based on how well you did in the previous season. At the start of each new season a popup tells you how you did last season and the bonus stars for the new season.