Game forces me to play a different color than what I chose : Suggestion?

It wouldn’t let me post a reply in this thread, but I have a suggestion:

I know one player must get a different colour, but could you not always force “the other player” to change.

Ie, so if Player A and B both pick a blue outfit; on Player A’s screen, A is blue and B is red, but on Player B’s screen B is blue and A is red.

That way, both players recognise their character as the colour they selected, without worrying about the game having two identical players on screen.

Just a thought

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It doesn’t allow anyone to reply if the developer already replied to it.

My solution for fixing this problem is to allow players to choose a “backup” color in case they are forced to use a different color. For example, I can choose blue setsuki as my main color and yellow african-american setsuki as my secondary color in case I am forced to switch colors.

Fyi, “developer responded to it” is not why the other thread was closed. It was closed because it was a bug report of a thing that isn’t a bug, but rather exactly how it works in every other fighting game. The correct place to suggest new features is here a thread like this, in “suggestions and feedback,” not as a bug report.