Game freezing and crashing at random times

The game is freezing and crashing at random points with no known reproduction method, and it’s worse today than it has been previously. Latest time: final battle of Boss Rush when a lot of silly stuff was going on on screen. :frowning:

Previous times today: During every online match I tried today

Previous times this week: Within 30 seconds of starting the game, before leaving main menu.

In the frozen state it is taking over 8%cpu and 1,300MB RAM still.

Is there a debug mode or a log that I can find to try and figure out why it is doing this?
The Bug report guidelines mention crash logs but don’t describe where to find them.

Edit: I made a dump file from the process in task manager, but how to I upload it, and upload it safely and privately so that only devs can access it?

Edit 2: While I found a “crash logs” folder, it doesn’t have any info for today, only one folder for one of the startup menu crashes from yesterday.

Edit 3: So the timeline of these crashes starting to pop up also matches with me having purchased the Core Pack, but I don’t know how coincidental that is.