Game menu appears in game

Title: Game Menu Appearing in game

Summary: Happened when I was matchmaking for a casual match and went back to the online play page to queue up for ranked as well. The moment I queued for rank using the quick queue options my casual game was ready. When the game loaded in the main menu items were on the game screen.

Note: The menu did not function in game, it was purely visual.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. From the online play page > Look for a casual match
  2. Navigate back to the main page > Navigate to online play
  3. Quick queue for a ranked game as your casual game lobby is ready.

Expected Results: Menu overlay doesn’t appear in the game.

Actual Results: Menu overlay appears in game

Notes: Bug priority is extremely low on this one (P5). Was only able to get this to happen once, and it disappeared as soon as the next game in the set started, so I’m sure it’s not likely to come up often.

If I had to guess I imagine the casual game was connecting while I was on the main menu and the game got confused about which screen to display when the lobby became ready.


Game Version: 1.17759

System Information: Windows 7