Game Mostly Became Unresponsive in Training Mode

The Game Mostly Became Unresponsive in Training Mode

I was in training mode with DeGrey and Setsuki. DeGrey was the first player, Setsuki was the second. I was using a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for the first player, and the keyboard was used for the second player. I was frame-stepping through a setup. As I hit frame advance, I heard a sound effect like I was navigating a menu and then selected an option. However, the screen was still in training mode on the frame that I was stepping through. I was currently queued in casual and ranking. The notification that it was searching for casual and ranking disappeared. Every button I pressed on the controller did not respond with the exception of frame step on/off. However, the only visual indication of that was the notification that frame advance was on or off. The scene never changed. After waiting for a minute or so, I exited the game by forcefully closing it. I will attempt to document each exact step I was doing down below. The log was sent in a DM to Thelo.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into Training Mode with DeGrey as 1P (used color 5), Setsuki as 2P (used color 4).
  2. Move Setsuki right next to DeGrey (She was on the left side).
  3. Enter frame step mode using controller.
  4. Hold nA for Setsuki, and back for DeGrey.
  5. Advance 1 frame, then let go of nA.
  6. Advance forward 5 frames until DeGrey blocks the knee.
  7. Hold C for Setsuki.
  8. Advance forward until Setsuki starts her tumbler animation.
  9. Let go of C. Advance 2 frames.
  10. Hold C for Setsuki. Hold up and A for DeGrey.
  11. Advance 1 frame. At this point is where I heard the menu navigation sound effects. To be specific, I was holding C on keyboard and up, A, frame-step on controller. I also noticed at this time that the match making search notification was missing. I do not know for sure if it disappeared at this time or earlier.
  12. Observe that the only button that will now respond is frame-step on/off. The notification for frame step will change, but nothing else will change.

Expected Results:
The game continues to respond by either frame-stepping as usual or get pulled into an online match.

Actual Results:
The game became mostly unresponsive. The music still played. However, the only button that would respond was the frame-step on/off. The game state never advanced.

I have a suspicion that it was attempting to connect to an online opponent for matchmaking.


Game Version:

System Information:
Intel Core i7-5960X @ 3.00 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
Windows 10 Pro
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller