Game Will Not Return to Survival After Online Match

Game Will Not Return to Survival After Online Match

The game will forget to return to survival mode under the following conditions: Once an online match is complete and the game is returning to survival mode another online match is made. After this second online match, the game will stay in the main menu. Sometimes the result screen and main menu screen are combined (the experience is shown instead of the main menu options but the background is the character and stage) with the Accept and Back buttons displayed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into survival.
  2. While playing survival get an online match.
  3. After the online match is completed and the Survival screen is shown (but before re-entering the match proper), get another online match.
  4. Complete the online match.

Expected Results:
The game re-enters Survival.

Actual Results:
The game goes to the main menu. Often, it will not be the correct main menu. It will sometimes combine the results screen and the main menu screen.



Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10