Gameplay Freeze When Transforming Into Dragon in Boss Rush

Title: Gameplay Freeze When Transforming Into Dragon in Boss Rush

Summary: There seems to be a chance each time you use Midori’s super in Boss Rush that the gameplay will freeze.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a Boss Rush run as Midori
  2. Wait for your super meter to fill up and/or parry to fill it faster
  3. Activate your super

Expected Results: Transform into a dragon and destroy the enemy!

Actual Results: Get stuck in the middle of the transformation sequence and have no way of continuing the Boss Rush run.

Notes: It is (sometimes?) still possible to pause the game and quit to the main menu after this happens. It’s unclear whether any specific powerups are involved, or if other game modes are affected (so far I’ve only seen it in Boss Rush, but I also don’t play Midori much outside of Boss Rush). I had originally thought it only happened in the 8th battle and/or if Midori had +damage on his super, but neither of those turned out to be true. Previous times this had happened I was using cosmetics, so this time I was using the default color of the default outfit with all of the other cosmetic options at their default setting as well.


Here’s a link to a video demonstrating the freeze.

Here’s a photo of the powerups I had at the moment the freeze occurred:

Finally, here’s another video demonstrating that I was able to return to the menu.

Game Version: v1.18891

System Information: Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, system version 10.1.0

I have had this issue too on the Steam version.

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An addendum to this bug report: I’ve now seen something very similar to this issue happen in Survival in the most recent update (v1.18934), though it unfroze after a couple seconds. Here’s a link to a video clip of that.

Thanks for the report, that will be fixed in the next update.

The Boss Rush powerup “Dragon’s Claws” is a cause of this problem, so you can avoid the issue in the meantime by avoiding that one until the update lands.