Geiger’s gear drags opponents

Title: Geiger’s gear drags opponents

**Summary: in matches I’ve played as Geiger, I have thrown a gear at a downed opponent, when they recover if they hold back when the gear is right behind them, they get stuck in block stun and keep receiving knock back so that they get ‘dragged’ until the gear disappears

Steps to reproduce:

  1. knock down opponent
  2. throw gear
  3. opponent blocks after gear passes upon recovery

Expected Results: Gear flies back harmlessly, no block or stun animations

Actual Results: opponent gets caught in blockstun and knock back, does not receive damage. Gets dragged across the screen.



Game Version:

System Information:

Is the gear actually hitting the blocking opponent? Do they receive chip damage?

If not, then it’s actually a matter of the opponent is taking microsteps backwards and end up in a blocking animation because of proximity blocking, repeatedly. It’s easy to stop by simply not pressing back anymore instead of continually holding back.

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