Getting bots when queued for ranked and casual

Title: Getting bots when queued for ranked and casual. (As a casual match)

Currently Silver in ranked.
Wanted to queue for casual while i wait for others to rank up.
Wind up getting bots for casual.
(These bots do not show up in the recently played list.)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Queue for Ranked and Casual. (I used the quick toggle)
  2. Get a match.
  3. It’s Pelican and Scientist! They are bots.

Expected Results:
Only get bots as a ranked filler match when in bronze.

Actual Results:
Get bots as a casual match when queued for ranked and casual at the same time.



Game Version:

System Information:
Win10 Home

Is there a list of the bot names so I’ll know if I see one or are they obvious?

I can think of three differences:
1.) Bots have the unity symbol as their platform.
2.) Bots’ names are always one word and are common English words. (Fireman, Pelican, Scientist, Jet, Policeman, Tiger, etc.)
3.) Bots play differently than players do.