Getting sent into a casual match just as a survival match is starting creates unexpected state

Getting sent into a casual match just as a survival match is starting creates unexpected state

When in a survival run, you get sent into a casual match, finish the casual match, then just as a survival match is about to start get sent into another casual match, the game does not properly remember your survival run state. After the casual match is completed, the game does not return to the survival match. Instead, you will see the usual background and character of the main menu. But, instead of the main menu appearing, you see all of the UI elements of the experience screen with the exceptions of the buttons in the upper right (it properly shows you queued online, friends, options, profile). The specific timing involved finishing a casual match, the screen showed my character vs 50 opponent survival. The screen turned black to start the match for survival. The screen stayed black for a significantly longer period of time, then it started an online casual match without any preamble.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a 50-opponent survival run.
  2. Get challenged to a casual match.
  3. Finish the casual match.
  4. The survival run starts back up showing your character vs 50-opponent run.
  5. As the screen turns black, get a casual match. Note the delay in the black screen is significantly longer than normal.
  6. Finish the casual match. Notice that you are sent to the main menu without any of the options. The main menu buttons are in the upper right corner, but the rest of the UI elements are the post-casual match experience screen elements.

Expected Results:
The game correctly goes back to survival.

Actual Results:
You are taken to the main menu. But, most of the UI elements are from the post-casual match experience screen. The queue notification, friends, options, and profile button are visible and interactable, however.



Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10 Pro