GGPO Assertion error and lost connection with opponent

I’d just played the same opponent before fine in a Ranked Match.

Got re-matched (new bracket) vs the same guy, but this time with a friend watching me and a few rounds (2nd characters) the game minimised to a GGPO Assertion error window, going back to the game it was a black screen eventually replaced with Lost Connection to Opponent.

Rook Hugger was the watching friend and he believes it’s to do with Watching after searching casual match too… We’re not sure how to reproduce though.

Log below in case it is useful!

Notes from our chat:

Huh game dropped when you watched!
shobbs001 (Fantasy Strike):
yep been doing that to every 1
idk why
was uvs bot
What you or anyone?
shobbs001 (Fantasy Strike):
vs bot
just me at 1 point valley was doing it
i need to know was u playing bot
because when this glitch happens when i search causal it will make me watch who ever i tried to watch and failed
so i just restart game

Log is here: