Give Boss Rush a more accurate/enticing name

I feel like Boss Rush both doesn’t effectively convey what that mode is, let alone how unique and fun it is. My first thought on hearing the game had it was that it was just another low effort tacked on survival mode to increase the total mode count. While I was, sadly, missing out until some one externally clued me into what this mode actually was and I gave it a try, it didn’t really hurt anything financially for the game since I bought the full game anyway for online play. But now that the online experience is free, Boss Rush mode genuinely should be one of the selling points for the core pack, yet I can easily see players looking at what comes with core pack and thinking “wait, so I just get a bare bones arcade mode and some generic tacked on surival modes, forget that”, never realizing just how cool and unique Boss Rush actually is and how its debateably worth the price of admission by itself.

So with that in mind… has there ever been discussion about other names it might be given to better convey what it is and there by entice more core pack purchases to try it out? Nothing particularly great is coming to mind right now, but maybe something like Rougelike RPG mode, or A Warriors Journey, etc. I’m not marketting expert, but it really does feel like this mode is being mis-marketted through a name that doesn’t fully convey how awesome it is, and that something as simple to implement as changing its name could genuinely generate at least some core pack sales from users who might not other wise buy it.


Yeah, I feel like “Powerup Rush” would be a much more effective name for expressing what it is. When I’ve mentioned “boss rush,” everyone I’ve mentioned it to has effectively just imagined 10 Cruel survival mode


I’ve been thinking ‘Arcade Ex’ would be a good name for the mode.

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Something in the name that conveys the customisable power-ups and “roguelike” nature would be good but I am really not sure.

I would change the name too. There aren’t any bosses in it anyway. Just more powerful ‘normal’ characters.

Yep agreed completely

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