Gloria move set brainstorming

Here’s the place for Gloria move set brainstorming

I don’t have much to add, but here’s a link to an old discord discussion

Maybe she’ll be floaty like peach. Maybe lasers like palutena

B: a blast that knocks down. Hold for a floating orb that stays for a bit.
C: an upward light beam like palutena? Basically her king.
Air B: maybe a down beam like her jack
Air C:

Super: heal full health? Gloria has one of the lowest healths in yomi so she might have 5. If she heals to full health, I don’t think that’s be too terrible. If she has 6 then maybe.
Air super:

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Healing is a pretty tricky needle to thread in a fighting game — Elena’s Healing super is famously terrible in SF3 and too good in SF4.

What if, instead, Gloria’s healing took the form of things like speed boosts? Maybe make it so that an opponent’s jump-in arc gets sped up and goes over her head instead of hitting where intended? Or maybe slow down the opponent or something?

Nah that feels way too different.
With a game like this, I think her super could easily be a heal, it’s just a question of 5 vs 6 health, and max health vs 4 or 3 health, though 3 would probably be too weak four 5 max life. Recovering up to 5 seems more reasonable, but should she have 5 life max or 6?

Well, the thing about the healing thing is that, at its core, the only reason her character design even works in Yomi is because of Overdose, which lets her spend her extra life to deal damage to both players. Absent that, literally just healing HP in this game would basically just be, like, why not just give her one more HP on her life bar?

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True, overdose is special. Would life steal be busted?

To be honest, that seems less her flavor and more Gwen’s, in my opinion.

Yes valid.
Maybe a charge move that heals her if she maxes charge, but that could be BS on knockdown. And not fun. And bad.

beikokutaichou - Today at 6:23 AM
Hi I had an idea for how Gloria could work that existed long before I knew it would be single button specials
She is a charge character like Geiger but either she passively heals when the gauge is full or it’s her C special that she must hold down like some sort of Ki charge
But only when her Charge is full so you must choose between healing and pressing advantage
And then she is ST Chun with a slow fireball and lightning legs
Healing is like 3 “ticks” to recover a bar but it’s at full chip, and then 1 more per level of chip, so it. It’s 6 ticks to recover a bar. I don’t know how long a tick is