Grave's jB Does Not Juggle in Specific Circumstance

Grave’s jB Does Not Juggle in Specific Circumstance

Just summarizing a find by Ritielko in the discord.
Grave’s lightning bolt from his jB during wind will not cause the opponent to juggle in the following circumstance: Grave has previously hit the opponent with the lightning bolt and comboed into gS. The opponent must not have jumped nor be knocked down when hit by Grave’s lightning bolt again (a throw does not affect this). Per CWheezy, the juggle state is probably remembered from the previous combo. I have replicated the bug as well.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select Grave in training mode.
  2. Use Wind.
  3. Jump over the opponent with jB so the lightning bolt causes the opponent to enter juggle state.
  4. Immediately combo into ground super.
  5. Do not knock down the opponent (throwing is OK) nor have the opponent jump.
  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 and note the opponent does not enter juggle state.

Expected Results:
The opponent enters juggle state.

Actual Results:
The opponent is just knocked down.

The video provided by Ritielko demonstrates the procedure starting at 18 seconds.


Game Version:

System Information:

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