Grave's Lightning Cloud can still go through Jaina in the corner

Grave’s Lightning Cloud (Ground B projectile) can go through Jaina in the corner


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to training mode as Grave against Jaina
  2. Push Jaina all the way into the corner and stand as close to her as possible
  3. Hold forward and press B

Expected Results:
Grave should throw a projectile and hit Jaina

Actual Results:
Grave throws a projectile and it goes past her.

I only did this against Jaina. I know she has small hitboxes or pushboxes or something since I know a crossunder that only works on her, so I guess that’s probably why. Also, this bug doesn’t require you to do his forward+B, you can let go of forward right before pressing B (which gives a different projectile speed) and the projectile still goes through her.


Game Version:

System Information:


I’ve seen this happen in a number of Fighting Games…the gap between Grave’s SpaceBox and where the Projectile’s Hitbox forms is just Large enough that Some characters with Skinny Hurtboxes can’t get hit by it.

I’m assuming they did it that way to avoid those situations like SFV when Guile’s V-Trigger 2’s Sonic Ring, Ed’s Psycho Spark & G’s V-Trigger 1 V-Skill has a Hitbox so huge it hits behind them… it can annoy some people so I assume thats why that gap is there.

Kagura’s Fire Orb does this as well in BlazBlue Central Fiction… only his doesn’t require a corner… it can miss if he grinds up against another characters Space Box.

FS probably lacks of this mechanic that makes point blank projectiles reliable: making the first few active frames extend nearly to the center of the character.

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Whoa, I’d never known about this but it makes a ton of sense : 0

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The issue has nothing to do with the gap being too big. It isn’t, as you can tell by doing the move midscreen at point blank. Only when in the corner and at point blank, the fireball disappears because it spawns at the edge of the screen and the edge of the screen destroys it before it gets hit.

We’ve known this for a long time, but because it’s unrealistic to come up ever in a real game, it’s low priority.