Grave's Lightning Cloud doesn't respect sound settings

Grave’s Lightning Cloud doesn’t respect sound settings

When all sounds are turned off, Grave’s Lightning Cloud move still makes noise

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Turn off all sounds in the settings
  2. Select Grave
  3. Perform “Lightning Cloud” move

Expected Results:
No sound produced.

Actual Results:
Sound is produced.

No other moves seem to make noise when muted, at least for Grave. Haven’t tested other characters.


Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10, 64-bit


Tested again in 11310.

Grave’s lightning cloud is still affected. Tested all the characters. The only other character affected appears to be Geiger, with both his flash gear projectile and his air super continuing to play their sound while all sounds are muted.

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This should be fixed in 11566 and above, thanks for the report.

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