Guest character concept: Mizuki from Samurai Shodown

Mizuki: 6 HP, grappler/footsies playstyle, average move speed, somewhat floaty jumps, 16 second super meter
nA: swings baton in an underhanded upwards arc, decent anti-air that flips out but knocks down on counter hit allowing for a combo, minus on block but special cancelable (similar to Grave’s nA)
fA: pokes straight forward with baton, great horizontal range, slightly minus on block and even on hit (similar to Geiger’s fA, but disjointed)
bA: strikes low with a monster’s claw, smaller range than other normals and a bit slower, but slightly plus on block and knocks down (similar to Midori’s bA but with slightly shorter range)
jA: kicks diagonally downwards with a monster’s foot, low range and bad for air-to-air but plus on hit/block (similar to Lum’s jA)
gB: drops into the ground and teleports while laughing, reappearing from the ground either further back, in place, or further forward based on which direction was held
jB: a slow arcing swing with her baton that deals 2 damage, if landed in the air flips out, and on ground pushes back to neutral on hit for 2 damage, good for air-to-air but unsafe if blocked, not pushing as far
gC: quick short ranged command grab where Mizuki telekinetically grabs the opponent with a finger and lifts them up before slamming them down, flips out to neutral when not cornered, 1 damage
jC: monster’s head appears, biting horizontally adjacent opponents and throwing away with a knockdown for 1 damage, generally safe/even on block with some pushback
gS: glows white, immune to attacks as she charges for a split second before unleashing a large dark orb projectile that travels horizontally across 3/4ths of the screen, before it boomerangs back to her, plus on block but Mizuki is stuck in place vulnerable for the entire duration while the orb travels, on hit opponent takes 1 damage and their supers/super regeneration is locked for ~5? seconds
jS: stops in the air and unleashes the full monster from within her, sending it to the ground to run at the opponent on all fours as a 1 damage physical attack that knocks down, will run off-stage harmlessly if blocked, can do crossup/combo trickery with her teleport
Throw: 1 damage ~Lum range, grabs with one hand while swinging her baton in a wide arc with the other, knocking down and slightly away, same for back throw but she telekinetically shoves you to the other side first
YC: nonchalantly dodges while slashing upwards with monster’s claw, launching the opponent away

Normally grapplers have low mobility, but Mizuki sacrifices the sterotypical very high damage output of other grapplers and her moves being generally less safe than normal, to get extra mobility (including a teleport that mixes up where she appears but is unsafe if called out) and longer ranged disjointed baton attacks
She excels at keeping the opponent at neutral range where her pokes dominate, but she can go in for strike/throw/command grab mix-ups if she wants to press the advantage
She has no reversal without her super meter, and a long super charge, meaning she could be in trouble if the opponent gets past her pokes and starts mixing her up instead
But with super she becomes even better at punishing mistakes and dominating the neutral game with the threat of her new long range options, her ability to lock opponent’s out of their own supers is somewhat similar to Samsho’s “disarm” mechanic, where if you land a super attack the opponent’s weapon falls to the floor, forcing them to fight without it at a disadvantage until they get an opportunity to pick it up again, instead of it being a time based ‘debuff’ I could’ve had it go on until they hit Mizuki to make it more faithful, but that would be harder for certain characters and create less balanced matchup spread overall I think
Unfortunately I couldn’t get her “claw swipe” special worked in, which is basically just an even longer forward A that’s safe on block, can be special canceled, and isn’t disjointed, it’s really important to her in Samsho, but oh well, ran out of buttons