Guest Charecters

So in a hypothetical perfect world where the game does well enough to warrant this (which i hope it will) would you guys want guest characters from other games and if so who? some ones i can think of of the top of my head are characters from other indie fighters like Divekick and Niddhog, or even from non-fighting games! i think it would be really cool to imagine how other characters would get adapted into FS’s style!

I’m not a fan of guests, but if there ever was a game to host Divekick guests it would be this one.

I won’t lie, I’d like to play Kick in FS.


Yeah, i feel like Divekick’s simple animations and moves would translate well into FS, Redacted as a grappler and Stream and a flying zoner would be cool too!

I made a huge ramble on the crunchyroll forums about how modern fighting games are horrible at managing guest characters, but I guess it could work. Problem is it would have to be a character who fits the tone and setting and since I’m more of a sci-fi guy than fantasy I can’t really think of a good candidate. Munchkin maybe?