Gwen's Shadow Plague in Fantasy Strike

Talking the (hopefully) upcoming FS characters, when referring to Gwen I’ve seen a lot of people saying that a character that loses life as time passes wouldn’t really work well in a fighting game, and I tend to agree.

I also remember someone saying that Gwen could be the only character in the game with 4 health points to represent her debuff, but personally I really think 5HP is the bare minimum to have in this game given the amount of viable 4 damage combos present.

So I thought a good way to represent Gwen’s Shadow Plague in FS would be to just prevent her from losing block damage, and given how easy it is to find yourself in a situation where blocking a special is necessary, the Gwen player would be forced to act and quickly find an opening to apply her pressure.

This would give her a pretty hard match-up in Onimaru though, at least looking at their “unique attributes”. Given Gwen’s nature as an “even more extreme Setsuki” however, I’m sure she’ll get some absurd movement options which the big guy struggles against anyway.

I really think this would fit her design and make for a fun gimmick to play around with… well, at least until you find yourself unable to block against someone with a reversal.


Wow, I really like the idea of shadow plague as preventing chip damage from recovering. I imagine that that might need a little tweaking to not be super broken in some way or other, but it’s a really interesting concept to work from

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When I thought in terms of mechanics that we know can work, what I came up with was letting her use her super when it’s only half-charged in exchange for life.

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That is an interesting idea for her actually, but her Super needs to be bad, otherwise it would be a little too good. Also she would still need an actual debuff.