Help with command grabs

I can’t seem to ever avoid command grabs in this game and was hoping someone had some advice. This is mostly a Setsuki issue but good Rook’s throw me for a loop sometimes too. Mashing jump just doesn’t seem optimal.

Just holding jump won’t work?

No what I mean is, holding jump everytime I’m up against a character with a command grab will just result in me taking unnecessary hits.

If you avoid a command grab by jumping you should be able to punish on the way down.
Also, I know it is difficult but, you have to try to read the opponent’s patterns when attacking. Do they always go for command grabs? Then jump.
If they see that you start jumping after every attack, they will likely change what they do.

That doesn’t sound like something I’m ever gonna be good enough to do but thanks anyways

With enough time and practice, you can get there, I promise. Predicting what your opponent is gonna try to do is actually pretty common in fighting games, especially against grapplers.

Think of it like a more complex version of rock paper scissors. They keep picking rock all the time? Pick scissors! But remember they will probably notice you constantly going for scissors and pick paper at some point.