High Damage Combos

So Vel can combo J super to jAA, jAA for 5 damage and once I got a fA to follow up but it seems to have to be perfect positioning for a total of 6 damage.

Lum can do 5ish damage comboing jS, jB A, B.

Setsuki jC, jA, fA, S for 4 damage

Looking for more high damage combos that are practical

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DeGrey has several high damage combos

ch bA, fA, C, jA, AA for 5 damage(corner only)

Ch bA, fA BB, A 5 damage

Ch BB, BB 4 damage

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Crossup jA, A, C, jBB (4 damage)
Ch jA, jA, AA (4 damage)
Ch jA, jA, AA, C, BB, A (7 damage, Dragon only, corner)

anti-air nAA, jA, B (or bA) (5 damage)

get mini-Lum, crossup jB (to other side), A, B, mini-Lum hits, A, B (6 damage)


Stupid question: what does the ‘ch’ mean in DeGray’s combos? What does ‘ch bA’ mean?

Counter Hit

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A counter hit (ch) is a term for an attack that hits another player while they are in the process of performing an attack. In many fighting games this type of attack is granted bonus damage and/or additional effects. In the case of DeGray back A attack it hits the opponent upwards in a juggle state that will let you combo the opponent afterwards.

Watch videos on Rook Hugger’s YT channel


https://twitter.com/GregLescoe/status/1158523445291782144 here is a short video showing, through a high-damage combo, the importance of STOP TRYING TO CROSS MIDORI UP WHEN HIS SUPER GAUGE IS FULL, GREG


A few stupid questions, mostly because I can’t get to training right now:

Under which conditions you can follow-up BB into A?

What is the reason behind jBB ender here?

The first jA is apparently njA? What about the rest?

Also, thanks for these ones, I didn’t know you can get this much off some of these things (these ones or Midori AA).

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  1. I’m not sure.

  2. The jBB is for the corner carry and knockdown (mostly knockdown). You can do AA instead, but jBB is still guaranteed.

  3. No, the first jA is still fjA. You need to space it a bit further out so that the second fjA will land. Also, you want to do that first jA pretty deep.

  4. These aren’t stupid questions at all.

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Thanks for the Lum tips!

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