Hitbox issues with Onimaru's bA gC sequence

Title: Hitbox issues with Onimaru’s bA gC sequence

Summary: The sequence of back A sweep cancelled into C Divide and Conquer, done at extremely close range, usually hits three times and causes a guaranteed guard crush. This appears to be deliberate, or at the very least desirable emergent gameplay, but currently it’s not working consistently against all characters due to the positions of the target’s hurtboxes and pushboxes.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. As Onimaru, front throw Midori (set to block all). Do an immediate forward jump and jA to get close, bA, then cancel into gC. Midori will be guard crushed. If the timing isn’t working out, do the sequence in the corner.
  2. Do the same thing against every character. Note that in the case of Setsuki, Grave, DeGrey, and Onimaru, the first hit of gC whiffs.
  3. Against these four characters, instead of trying to do the guard crush sequence on oki, instead just walk up as close as possible to them and do bA, gC. Note that this actually works on Grave and Onimaru, but not on DeGrey and Setsuki.

Expected Results: This sequence should either work on all characters or no characters. Without a good display of hurtboxes and pushboxes in training mode, it seems very arbitrary for such a useful sequence to fail depending on the opponent’s model rather than what they actually do.

Actual Results: DeGrey and Setsuki have standing hurtbox/pushbox placement that ensures Onimaru physically cannot stand close enough to them for bA to leave them within gC range. Grave and Onimaru do, but their pushbox placement changes when they stand up, so the technique cannot be performed after a knockdown.

Notes: Being inescapably guard crushed on wakeup is no fun, and it’s even less fun if it happens repeatedly.

However, Onimaru is weak at the moment, so I’m reluctant to call for nerfs if he’s not getting something in return. Plus, virtually every character (not Setsuki) can reversal their way out of this one if they have meter, so perhaps the situation is not so bad?


Game Version: Steam/Windows, v1.18962

System Information: N/A

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This is not a bug.