Hitbox with ps3 and 360 compatibility doesn't work online

Works in practice and vs mode, but not online
I have an old hitbox, which works with both 360 and the PS3. So there is a 360 and ps3 controller module (or whatever it is called) inside, recognizing what it is connected too.

I also have a brook ps3 to ps4 adapter to make it work with PS4.

So, when I use the hitbox with the brook ps4 adapter, the pc recognizes the hitbox as a PS4 wired controller. When I don’t use the adapter, it recognize it as a chip … something (I forgot to write it down when home). But a more “generic” controller at least.

When I am in the game, I am able to press 2 buttons to map all my inputs - this happens with the adapter, and withouth the adapter.

Then I go into practice, to check my buttons working, and everything works perfect.

Now I go into online, and when the PS4 adapter was used, I could not press any of my buttons, the character was not moving in any way or responding to my buttons.

When I am not using the adapter, I could use the attack buttons, but not move around with my left, right, up, (down) inputs.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use a old hitbox, or possibly a stick with 350 and ps3 capitability
  2. Try and use it online

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Game Version:
Newest version, the one with online.
System Information:
Windows 10 pc up to date, 64 bit.

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Also, forgot to add: when I plug in an actual PS4 controller, it works to play online.