Hold Off On Posting Screenshots or Video

We understand that part of building hype is actually showing the game to the world. We ask that you hold off on showing pictures or video of the game for just a little bit longer. Sometimes at the end of October or early November, we will flip the switch on this. Before that moment, we ask that you keep images of the game private. After that moment, we ask you to spread the word all you can and show whatever pics and videos you like.

We will keep you posted about the specific date of this change in policy. Thank you!


Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait

Is there anything in particular that’s getting a visual overhaul that would mark the crossover point? Like, is the in-game HUD getting revamped or something like that?

There is not any one particular thing that will be better. Just kind of a slow getting better of various things such as animations, visual effects, more menu screens implemented, a new stage in development. The point of the delay is not any of that, but rather to help coordinate some press coverage.

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Makes sense. Was mostly just curious if there was anything specific to it, or if it was a somewhat “squishier” target being aimed at.

One thing I was wondering about, as well as the Patreon builds, would a “public demo” build be possible at some future point (accessed via Patreon still I mean for now) that just included the most-finished stuff. It will be awesome to one day be able to show this game off at local FGC and other gaming events :grinning:


That might be a good idea! Grave, Rook, Jaina, and Valerie? They have essentially finished animations. Maybe add in the two stages that are both finished-ish?

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I would definitely be in favor of a demo build to show off. That way I can stream it without worrying about showing shoddier stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is my ideal scenario I think, but I’m not sure exactly what the build will be like when we demo it at tradeshows/give it to press! The ideal is that we’re farther along than that and we can show off the other 4 characters, too.

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