How do I browse the store?

Hey guys, loving the new update!
I’m just a bit confused about the store - is there any way to browse it? I just see two featured items and six daily items, half of which are colours I already own as part of the core pack. Can I see what else is on offer? Browse by character?
I’m keen to buy some items, but surely I don’t just have to wait until an item I’m looking for shows up?!
If I’m doing something wrong, let me know!

They change every day!

AFAIK, you need to wait. A lot of games are doing this now to encourage logging in every day and making people worry about missing out on deals. For better or worse, it is what it is.

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Really? That’s a terrible system. Why make it hard for players to find something they want to buy?
I guess some people like making impulse purchases, but I’m not one of them.

Well its certainly a risky system for them. I can’t tell you the number of games where, during the early “honeymoon” phase, where the game is new and shiny, I bought up a bunch of DLC stuff, then I lost interest quickly and never came back again. This system is set up in such a way that you literally can’t over spend during the honey moon phase, because they aren’t even letting you buy everything you might have bought unless you hang around with the game long term. So they’re in effect saying they’d rather bank on this being a game you’ll want to play long term due to the quality, and only let you support them if they’ve earned your support through achieving this, then take advantage of that new game “high” many games do in order to suck out as much money from you as they can before you realize the game lacks the depth to actually be fun long term.

Of course if they DO keep you long term with their gameplay, the store system does have potential sales perks for them. For example, if everything was available from the get go then a player like myself likely takes a look at everything, determines what, if anything, I want, and buys that, and I’m done, never to return to the store again unless there’s some announcement about some cool new cosmetic that makes me check to take a look at it.

This way, however, maybe something comes into the store I’m on the fence about, an item which in the previous system I might have ended up not getting it and never returning, but here, because who knows when it will even be available again, maybe I decide to get it instead. As previously mentioned, it also means I’m checking out the store every day to see if anything new/cool is there, and the more time I spend in the the store, the more likely I am to actually “spend”.

So again, it definitely has “potential” value for them too, but at its heart it actually protects the consumer from themselves, declaring they believe you’ll love this game enough to keep coming back long term, and if you don’t, they wouldn’t want the money you might have spent day 1 on promises of long term enjoyment they weren’t able to achieve.


I keep forgetting to check the store…