How does the counter mechanic work?

I know it’s present in SF as well, but I don’t play it and have no clue what it is.

Any help?


“Counter hit” basically means that you landed a hit in the short moment after your opponent pressed a button, but before their attack is able to hit (i.e. if an attack takes 10 frames between “pushed button” and “can actually hit,” if you hit them during frames 1–9 of their attack).

There are tricks called “frame traps” where you use an attack that leaves yourself able to do something new sooner than the opponent can (“frame advantage”), leaving just enough space for the opponent to try pushing a button to counterattack, but you’ve already pressed a button to punish it (with a counter-hit!) because you expected them to do that.

But yeah, counter hits aren’t a super intuitive concept, so don’t beat yourself up if it’s taking a little while to grasp what they’re all about!


Actually I got it, thanks!

I don’t really understand why they added them to the Fantasy Strike though, I mean to simplify the devs even removed dashes!

A dash is a thing you must constantly input. f,f,f,f all the time. b,b, f,f, b,b, etc.

A counterhit is a present that just requires no extra input. You just get a juicier combo if the opponent did a move at the wrong time, meaning if you hit them out of the startup of their move.


Input wise, it doesn’t require anything, true. It does however require learning new combos for all these situations, which I’m fine with personally, not sure about the new to FGC audience though.

Let’s be real, counter-hits are not intuitive. They’re not difficult, but they do require learning.
I think they’re ok to include though, since most of the time they don’t mean anything.
It’s mostly just DeGrey who uses them.


And when DeGrey scores a counterhit, it’s pretty easy to tell because the opponent will pop up in the air like the toast is done, or bounce like the ball you follow for the song lyrics in old cartoons