How on earth do you punish Grave's air spin crossup?

So I was playing this one guy online and he kept doing this pattern where he would be close to me and then jump and do the air spin crossup and as soon as he landed he would just repeat it again and again until I dropped my guard. I tried grabbing, attacking and jumping after I blocked the hit, all to no avail. Can anyone tell me what to do in this situation?

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who are you playing as?


I also tried parrying once, but that didnt work what with how the parry only hits in front of you.

If you wait longer before you parry, that might work. Parry only had 1 frame of startup, its very fast.

I don’t play midori so I don’t have any other guesses, sorry.

If he’s doing it over and over, try using the flying kick. It should get you away or even hit him.

Hmm, sounds like that might have too much startup and only leave me vulnerable but I’ll definitely try it out, thanks a lot.

Grave’s jA gives me a similar problem. I try doing jAA as Valerie after blocking one, but he still wins it.

Grave’s air game needs to be toned now imo.

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I was attempting to test it in practice mode, and it seems to work. Of course, practice mode is not a very good representation of actual matches, so it’s quite possibly wrong.
Worth trying though.