[How To] Avoid Setsuki's Command Throw as Rook


So at the moment, if a Setsuki playing throws a kunai, lands while I block the kunai, and then does her command throw (hooligan throw) and I’m playing as Rook, I lose. I’ve been told that I can jump out of it like any command throw in the game, but I’ve only managed to do so successfully like one out of ten times.

Ideally, someone could post a video of them jumping out of it after kunai as Rook, so that I can understand the timing. Failing that, if someone could try to describe in words the timing? Because right now it feels like no matter when I jump, I end up getting thrown. Do you need to jump when she’s (1) on her way up, (2) at the top of her jump, or (3) on her way down?


I’ve also felt like that I jumped after blocking and then I get hooliganed
is the blockstun too long for me to jump out?

Have you tried his lunge punch? Not sure of the exact frames, but I think it becomes throw invulnerable for a short time after the start up. I would have to test it to be 100% sure though.

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Theoretically, you’re command throw invulnerable during your prejump frames, and for a little bit on your way up.
To test, try frame-step mode in training mode. (I hear you activate it by pressing Shift+1, then frame step by pushing 1, or go a bit faster by holding backslash. You have to make sure it’s enabled in your debug.ini first)

There’s no record function in training though, so I can’t make Setsuki throw me and test.

You have player 2’s buttons bound, right? Just initiate the throw in frame step mode, then jump as Rook.


So, regardless of the ease of jumping out of hooligan as rook, my question is why are you not using windmill crusher?

That’s a good point. I think I’ve been scared off it just because the rest of her mix-up punishes C-throw so badly. Probably panic keeps me from reacting to it with C-throw. I’ll try to keep that button in mind.

Fair point, for the curious, in that C is worse than it was last patch, specifically because Sets’ A, A will stuff C if you try to use it as a reversal after her usual combos, but I think it still beats everything starlight tumbler can dish out.

that is exactly my problem. Today as rook i got owned by a sets taht would just glide+kunai+command throw me, and i could not find a window for escaping the combo. any suggestions?

I still haven’t gone into practice mode to lab this out. Do you have enough time to press C after blocking the kunai?

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ime no. command throw is too slow, sets can combo off into almost killing you

I agree in a lot of cases you don’t want to press it against Sets. I was just wondering if it worked against this specific set-up, right after blocking the kunai.

(drake, looking away and frowning) trying to jump out of Setsuki’s command grab
(drake, smiling happily and pointing) using C-throw to punish Setsuki’s command grab

haven’t tried this after blocking kunai, which may not work, in which case (puppet kermit, screaming)

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How do you activate fram step mode?

Can you beat it by predicting the kunai, jump and vine spin? If nothing else works would that be near to the only way out?

To call out the kunai I find its much easier to just use your ground B to get out of there. It lets you pressure the landing too.

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