How to deal with Midori's Talon Swoop?

I’m looking for some tips to deal with Midor’s air C while he’s in dragon form (Talon Swoop).

I understand that it’s supposed to be jumpable, but sometimes he just scoops me up out of the air and throws me anyway, usually without the ‘jumpable’ text alert showing up. I assume that if this was a bug it would have been reported by now, so I suspect I just don’t understand how it works. Maybe jumping only avoids it on the way up or something?

If anyone could explain what’s happening and how to to deal with it, it would be much appreciated!

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You’re invulnerable to air throws during a huge number of frames of your jump on the way up. If you attack in the air, you actually lose that throw invuln though. Try jumping forward and pressing nothing. You can also jump other directions and maybe attack, depending on spacing.


Got it. Cheers for the quick response!

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