How to fight against Grave

The one character I have the hardest time fighting is Geiger, since he has an easy time with the majority of the characters I play. But I have problems with another character that seem to stem more from just not knowing what to do and that character is Grave. Grave seems like he has an answer to everything and all the answers are entirely viable. If you try camping him out he has a great approach with his wind power and air spin thing, if you try approaching he can camp you out with projectiles, use a bigger projectile against jump ins or use his knife hand or use his invincible sword attack. He also seems to charge his super really quickly and since it can be an anti air, combo extender or counter it seems as though he can dish out tons of damage with it at frequent intervals.

There just doesn’t seem to be any “right” reaction to his moves. Many of his moves, including his crossup are safe on block, he has great mobility, he can stop your approach with projectiles, if you jump over the projectiles he has other options that can anti air you really well and the invincibility from his sword attack gives him fantastic getup options and his normals have good reach making it hard to get in on him. The most reliable way to take out a Grave that I’ve found is to bait the seord attack and then punish since it is unsafe on block, but even that isn’t very consistent since at some ranges it knocks you back too far to punish. What do you guys do when fighting a Grave?

With Valerie I try to poke with fA and, as you said, bait reversals. A very important thing I found is learning the spacing of his jB, so that you are ready to punish when it whiffs.

That said, my Grave experience is very limited, so I’m not sure how I would deal with better Grave players.

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I use a lot of cursing and then die.


So, with perfect timing, I did acttually fight a good Grave today. It was traumatic.

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Read the fireball, jump and do damage :smiley: