How to: Play Arg?

So, how do you play this scaly fishmonster? Any things to always be thinking about? Should you always cancle b+a into C or into B? What is the best thing to do after doing air super? Close, midscreen or fullscreen? Should you always get a bubble shield if you are not pressured?

Any and all thoughts surrounding Arg! :smiley:

I have seen a lot of Args do blue fish, then during the opponent’s block stun, send out fA for extra pushblock/blockstun, cancel into rushing river (so B, fA, C). This pushes the opponent back quite a bit from both blue fish, fA and then the river that follows afterward. Of course, you can’t forget about the orange fish that you can call out from the river as well.

This tactic can also be extended to his air super as well. During the blockstun of the purple fish, you can send out fA and then cancel to rushing river for extra pushback. Don’t forget to send out blue or purple fish during the beginning of the air super.

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