Hypothetical Move Set I made While Bored

Probably not balanced but i just made this on a whim. For nobody in particular; just a concept.

Fencing Dude
Archetype: Rushdown
HP: 5

Back-A - Stationary Twirl with his Sword. Hitbox infront of him is very short ranged but has great anti-air hitbox that sets up a juggle and can reflect projectiles
Neutral-A - A Sabre Swipe, can Press A again for a second swipe that combos off the first swipe or Hold A to start a swipe but then feint backwards to bait the opponent into missing a counter attack
Forward-A - A Forward Sabre Stab that can be used as a poke tool or as a punish if you feigned them with Neutral A’s False-Swipe
Jumping A - An overhead swing of the sword that will deal great knock back if it hits with the very tip of the sword.
Diagonal Jumping A - Same as Jumping A

B - Twirl Maneuvering. Fencing Dude does a jumping spin forward that ignores projectiles and travels a fixed distance. It can also cross behind opponents. When he arrives at his destination he can either Press A to twirl jump BACK to his starting point, Press B to slash at the opponet. Or Press C to do a very fast upwards jump that is immune to grabs.

Air B - Sky Stab. Fencing Dude rapidly descends and stabs his sword into the ground. Causing a shock wave of energy on both sides of him. Can be used to cross up and to dodge incoming air attacks that you dont feel confident in beating with Jumping A

C - Apex. Fencing Dude’s sword glows yellow for 5 seconds. During these 5 seconds. He will gain 10% of his super meter on hit and will unlock a special ‘Energy Whip’ attack that sees him be able to press C during these 5 seconds to channel yellow energy into his sword to turn it into a whip for specific attacks. Forward C will enable a long ranged whip poke. Back C will enable a slow but powerful 2 damage ranged Special Grab. And just C again will be a diagonal upwards anti air that causes a ground bounce if sweet spotted. Apex has a 20 second cooldown when used. These moves are highly unsafe unblock

Air C - Dive Crush. Fencing Dude diagonally dives down to slash at his opponents (think Valerie aB). Does not cross up. On landing will automatically assume a parry stance; on hit will counter opponent’s attack with a jumping Knee to the face that knocks them back significantly and causes a wall bounce if it hits the corner of the stage. Can also press C again on landing to do a second diving slash upwards that WILL cross up the opponent and has the unique property of doing 2 damage if it deals block damage.

Ground Super: Iron Claw. Fencing Dude valiantly points his sword upwards then spins around and rises upwards in a tornado of small yellow energy blades (Think Jaina GS). This move will ignore Parries, but do not break armor on hit. Anyone hit by it will take one damage as Fencing Dude rapidly dices them up alongside the yellow energy blades.

Air Super: 1000 Cuts. Fencing Dude charges up his sword’s energy then unleashes a bullet-stream of small yellow blades that travel forward in a diagonal hitbox along the ground (think Superman’s Lasers from Injustice). Deals 1 damage on hit

Playstyle: Fencing Dude is a highly tricky, mobile, and mixup=heavy rushdown character much in the same vain of Valerie and Setsuki. Having many crossup options and mixups like Twirl and Dive Crush makes the opponent unsure of what he’ll do next He can enter Apex mode to enable himself to gain super meter even faster for landing combos and for enabling Whip Value

Upsides: Great Poke-Range, Able to keep the opponet guessing at all times. Can dynamicly create angles of pressur via the uses of feints, parries, and crossups. Simply good at never letting his opponent breathe. Apex enables him to gain an obscene ammount of super meter by just doing combos

Downsides: Without a reversal to speak of aside from GS; Fencing Dude is in a LOT of trouble if he gets knocked down. No Projectile. 5 health. A lot of his best moves are unsafe if blocked. Has trouble doing combos that do more than 2 damage without counter-hits