I haven't played for months, now

I have been a Patron of Fantasy Strike / Sirlin Games for a while now, but I hadn’t played in months and I’d like to give some feedback.

First things first, my set-up:
a 5 year old iMac (late 2012 iMac 13,1) with Fantasy Strike Wild West Branch.
using 2 Dual Shock 4 controllers connected through Bluetooth.
External Display is a Samsung HDTV (from 2014) - 32 inch.
The graphics card only has 512 MB GDDR5, but the iMac has had an upgrade so, it does have a Sandisk SSD (but I don’t know if the latter matters much).
I run Fantasy Strike on lowest settings.

The game runs now só smooth!
I’m getting 60 FPS, were before I was happy to get like 30.
This means I will be able to show off the game on my birthday party tomorrow! Oh, yeah!

The game looks gorgeous now - on lowest settings!
I knew the game had undergone some changes, but this is awesome. Great work, good job, keep it up!

I’m also very fond of the fact that the game (Wild West Branch?) tells you, you could have jumped out of certain situations to make it even easier on new players. Awesome.
The Arcade mode is cool. I haven’t been able to finish it yet, but it’s promising already.

I can’t wait for the PS4 version, because it’s kind of hassle to set it up on my TV and I’d like to keep being able to use my computer.


Thank you!

Glad you noticed the performance improvements. We’ve done tons of them over the last few months and it’s really added up to a big change. AND that’s with increasing graphic quality on the lowest setting, rather than decreasing it. :slight_smile: