Illusion being hit Quince

Thread Title:
Illusion being hit

Quince hit Rook with Ground B (High Standard) and then press B again to make Low Standard Real - Rook throws a Neutral A (Sweep) and hits illusion but Quince still took damage

Expected Results:
Illusion to vanish and Rook to take cross up damage

Actual Results:
Illusion vanished and Quince took Counter damage

Here is the incident -

Unable to upload Video of it happening but have provided YouTube link above and can provide orginal clip upon request

Game Version
Casusal online mode PC latest verison as of 06/08/2020

System Information:
AMD 1600AF
16GB Ram
Mechanical Hard drive

Not actually a bug. Rook’s nA has a REALLY good hitbox that hits on both sides, so what is happening here is that your real!Quince B hurtbox is getting caught by how good Rook’s nA is.

Valerie will also get hit by this if her Cross Stroke is too close to Rook, for the same reason.

So just to make sure I understand your response

Rooks nA cant be crossed up because the design of the hit box covers both front and back, and this was intentional, in a game that “put(s) the focus on your smart decisions and strategy”

Then can I please request that this be looked as against the spirit of the game and either the hit box adjusted to match the frontal attack of the sweep or the animation adjusted to match the intention of the hitbox so it does not feel like a “got ya” moment.

Rook’s hitbox is correct, and not even unusual.

Quince’s hitbox as he dives down is currently incorrect, and wrongly has hitboxes that are for his FINAL pose (where his leg sticks out behind him) the entire time he’s flying downward. This wrong hitbox makes it possible to hit him in a zone behind where his body appears to be.

OK Thank you

So I am hoping this will be fixed in a future patch? (not asking for a time line, just confirmation that it will be fixed sometime in the future)