In ranked, after an opponent disconnect, player controls the other's characters

In ranked, after an opponent disconnect, player controls the other’s characters

Here is the chat from discord when we noticed that:

SnudridToday at 9:47 PM
Strange bug
darknessToday at 9:47 PM
I got black screen until a moment when I've alt+f4
seemed pretty stuck there, before that it sayd opponent disconnected
how did it look on your end?
SnudridToday at 9:53 PM
Some time after a huge lag game continues, but this time i controlled other character
Damage to me took my life, but my victory counted as yours.
darknessToday at 9:54 PM
you should have yomi countered
I had that happen to me too
do you keep the logs?
SnudridToday at 9:56 PM
darknessToday at 9:56 PM
i do, but i guess your end of the bug is more interesting
doesn't seem to have a bug report in the forum
SnudridToday at 9:57 PM
First time i see a bug, when player switch character.
darknessToday at 9:58 PM
it seems to be some post release thing, haven't happened to me before

Steps to reproduce:

Unkown. Happenes during ranked match.

Expected Results:

Peace all over the world.

Actual Results:

After a disconnect, the player who is in the game, controlls the other character.



Game Version:

System Information: