Is it impossible for me to change in-game name?

I had a different name than my usual when I first bought the game.

I’ve tried, after changing my name back, to restart the game, restart Steam and even restart my PC. Nothing worked.

Come on fellas, I don’t want to be doomed to play as “Fantasy Strike Hype” forever. It’s cringy.

Ah, my bad on that, the way to change your display name right now is an annoying placeholder way:

Open a file explorer window to the game’s files: r-click on Fantasy Strike in Steam -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files.

In that folder, there’s a file named displayname.txt that contains your online name. Edit that to change it.

Pretty soon I will change this to just use your Steam display name, but for now that’s how you can change it, my apologies for the awkwardness.


It’s all good, thanks.

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