Is there a guide for grave which goes beyond the character spotlight video?

is there a guide for grave which goes beyond the character spotlight video?

thank you

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@WAZAAAAA is the best Grave I’ve played, maybe he can help

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C C C C C is all you need

Disclaimer: I am not very good at Grave

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well here’s my 2 cents then

Just follow the classic SF Ryu game plan: keep the opponents away with projectiles, antiair when they try to jump them. Still here are some Grave tips:

  • your jumpin combo is airA AB. Main ground combo can be AB or forwardAB depending on the distance
  • B and airC as much as possible. No one can really out-projectile you because of the wind
  • make everyone eat one meaty slow projectile on their wake up for the chip damage
  • antiair everything on reaction with A (cancelled into B on hit) and S. For a jump prediction, use holdB
  • react to slow moves with S
  • backT and forwardT get you amazing safe-jumps, baits, more throws, and crossup potential
  • mash the seldom C out of pressure situations to get respected
  • if someone tries to antiair you with a S, react with your own airS parry

Those are some general tips but I recommend you to develop your own character-specific tech such as:

  • DeGrey: just S on reaction every dandy step or keep a projectile on the screen most of the time. Jump back from the ghost
  • Geiger: stop throwing projectiles when he has S and bait it instead by whiffing quick moves like A/T or full screen holdB. If the bait is successful punish time stop with S or T if the super is not available. Neutral jump B is great to avoid his projectiles without risking a forward jump. If the Geiger is very C-happy against your jumps, try airS. Don’t antiair him with S because he can just teleport in the air
  • Grave: don’t antiair with S because he can airS
  • Jaina: C when multiple arrows or her unblockable one are approaching you to avoid them completely with invincibility
  • Midori: rush that shit down with airB crossups and air-to-airs before he gets the Dragon, and when he does, try stalling with airC, S, and fly away with instant airB
  • Rook: backB instead of holdB in the neutral so there are more chances that he’ll fall into projectiles when he uses air moves. Jump back A against a point-blank Rook that is waking up can actually hit him because of how tall he is and is reversal safe
  • Setsuki: C on reaction all ninjaports instead of guessing
  • Valerie: C (or delayed S for 2 damage) through her S. If antiairing airC is giving you major problems, corner yourself so you can easily walk under it and punish. AirB can actually be thrown when it lands slightly before it becomes active. Charged projectiles can fuck her up. Be aware of all your options against her rekkas. On hit, those should be C, T, S, blocking. On block, instant airB beats every option except BBC.
  • etc.

This post got longer than what I initially thought lol


Sounds like you played too many Graves in Arcade (or too many Graves who learned from Graves in Arcade, or too many Graves who… I’ll just stop there).

cool thanks WAZAAAAA, wil try that out :slight_smile:


hey SaSSolino, we just now fought each other, i was the grave named Ant Zen. it was my 2nd match online and i won 1 round :)) i saw your name and was like…i know this guy! he answered on a couple of my threads :slight_smile: