Is there a way to select a character at random?

As someone who picks random in basically every multi-character 1v1 game I play, this is the kind of small thing that makes a big impact in how much I enjoy the game in the long run. Does this feature already exist, with some sort of secret input? If not, are there plans to add such a thing? I realize I can just roll a 10-sided dice or something, but its more convenient to do in-game.


There is currently no way to do this. Yeah there probably should be, but there are so many other things we’re trying to get working right now. We’ll keep it in mind and try to add it eventually.


Randomizer cards! Probably not a very good value if you’re just looking to quickly pick a random number from one to ten. Ask your phone’s voice assistant for a random number from one to ten?

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Hahaha, I was not expecting that type of response. I guess what I could do is start using the character cards from Yomi for random selections. But, that would cost even more than randomizer cards if you’re just looking for a way to pick a character randomly :wink:

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