Issue messaging Fantasy Tag friend on steam

I’m having an issue with messaging friends in the latest June 20th Steam version of the game.

I sent a friend invite to a recent player earlier today. He accepted and I went into the friends menu within Fantasy Strike to send him a message. I chose the send message option and it brought up my Steam overlay and a steam chat window with a user called “unknown”. When I typed a message I got a warning that he was offline. The Fantasy Strike friends menu reported that he was still playing. When I quit Fantasy Strike and checked my friends list in the steam client, I didn’t have a new friend.

It seems like this might be an issue with moving from Steam IDs to Fantasy Tags within the game. The game is not actually adding the person’s Steam ID to my friends list, but it’s trying to use Steam chat to message them.

Both before the last patch, and after it, this is true: if you are Steam-friends with someone, clicking “message” on their name in Fantasy Strike’s UI will bring up the Steam UI for you to message them.

After the patch, it is possible to be in-game (Fantasy Strike) friends with a person and not Steam friends. If you click on them, currently “message” is an option, but it will useless try to message an unknown user. We should remove the message option in this case because it can’t work. We can add a “view steam profile” option so you can try to add them as a Steam friend (though Steam’s UI) if you want.

It’s expected behavior that adding a friend in-game has nothing to do with adding someone as a Steam friend.