It feels really difficult to advance out of the lowest ranks in ranked play

I was stuck in “E” rank during most of Season 1, and so far in Season 2 as well. I know I need to play and practice more if I want to get good. However, whenever I play ranked mode, I am mostly getting matches with players who are way above my skill level. When I do happen to get matched with someone else who is an E or a D, I generally feel like I have a close match, and I win a decent portion of those matches. But then I get matched with someone who is a B rank, I get destroyed and then the game subtracts from my ranking.

If I’m in the lowest rank, and most active players are in higher ranks, then it seems like a given that I am almost always going to be stuck playing people who are going to beat me.
I think it would be more fair if you didn’t get punished so hard when playing against much stronger opponents. Maybe something like, if your opponent is 2 ranks above you, you don’t lose any stars for losing the match.

That is an interesting topic.

I also oscillate in ranks - diamond “E” and gold “A”.
In diamond is a bit harder though, since you don’t get stars for your first round victory.
I think only bronze rank is designed to be beginner friendly, since there you don’t loose

I’m not sure how the 2 rank limit about losing stars will help though.
You’ll most probably arrive at a rank where you’ll play with the stronger players again.

If you struggle to win at these ranks, it’s a good thing you don’t go further right ? IMO the ranking system purpose is to match you with players of similar level. If you want to progress, maybe we can do a training session someday. I’m not a good player but I still might give you some advice. The in-game videos and forum match-up guides are awesome tools to learn strategies too !
Is there any particular match-up you’ve got problems with ?

I don’t necessarily know that what I proposed is a good answer, but I do feel like I am playing pretty well against other players at similar rankings most of the time.
It may very well be that I shouldn’t really be in a higher ranking. But it just feels really bad when you do struggle and are finally starting to climb up a bit, and then you get matched with really high ranked players who knock you back down. It makes it FEEL like I am low ranked because of the luck of the draw rather than my own skill.