Jaina Match Up Chart

Like most, I’ve only played a few days so these numbers are FAR from accurate. Still, it’s fun to put numbers on MUs, so here’s my chart:

Jaina vs Grave: 5-5
Looks completely even to me: whatever she lacks in reversal, she makes up in zoning.

Jaina vs Geiger: 3-7
Jaina’s hardest MU free as he shuts her down completely. Geiger’s super can punish for 2 damage any arrow on reaction, stopping her from zoning entirely. He can also jail her with Bs and punish any try of jump in with C, leaving her basically no options as she can’t do the same with her own C. He can also apply ton of block pressure damage by getting in at any moment with jA or jC almost for free as her jA seems to fail to air to air him, her only option is a jB on hard read.

Jaina vs Setsuki: 5-5.
Setsuki’s B stops Jaina from zoning too much, but Jaina’s jB stops Setsuki from going in the air too much. So it looks to me like they both sort of stop each other’s gameplan a little, but nothing too severe on either side.

Jaina vs Valerie: ?
I don’t have enough experience to say anything yet.

Jaina vs Rook: 6-4
She wins the MU, but in my opinion it’s far from unwinnable. Rook has a hard time getting in, but once he does Jaina’s self-hurting reversal makes every guess heavily in Rook’s favor. I personally find Jaina’s jA pressure expecially helpful in this MU though, so that’s why it’s not 5.5-4.5.

Jaina vs Midori: ?
I don’t have enough experience to say anything yet.

Jaina vs DeGrey: 5-5
Similarly to the Setsuki MU, they each stop the other from doing something pretty important in each other’s gameplan. Jaina’s B stops DeGrey’s B shennanigans for the most part, while DeGrey’s jSuper stops Jaina from throwing air arrows. On paper it seems like DeGrey got the best end of the deal, but the MU still feels even to me.

Jaina vs Jaina: 0-10
Duh. Please buff.

I think this match up is pretty even; 5-5. I was playing as Midori in this matchup, and his flying kick and butt stomp are really good for closing the gap, and if also if you can counter well, you can stop her flying knee other slower attacks pretty easily.I personally was having the hardest time fighting her in dragon form, as his options in some cases just feel limited; aka, I was probably being to predictable. I too need to play the matchup more, as I didn’t get the chance to play the matchup from the other side at all. I would image her options allow good counters to some of Midori’s options as well though. Her invincible DP would seem to offer a ton of utility against his options.

I only played during the two free weekends, but I played quite a bit, and as Jaina exclusively, so I got some decent experience.

Jaina vs Grave: 5-5
I agree that this is even.

Jaina vs Geiger: 3-7
Geiger got nerfed a bit recently, which added some additional recovery frames to his super, so I don’t think he can punish arrows on reaction anymore except for at a specific spacing. Geiger doesn’t always have super, so I think you need to take advantage of the time that he doesn’t have it by using arrow setups to try and get in for damage. Still, I agree that this matchup is quite hard, because his super is really good, his normals are better than yours, and it’s tough for you to get in.

Jaina vs Setsuki: ?
I haven’t played this matchup much, but from what I have played it feels pretty even, so I’m inclined to agree with your rating.

Jaina vs Valerie: 4-6
I’ve struggled a lot with this matchup, and most times that I’ve fought a decent Valerie I’ve gotten bodied. For me, this matchup feels really bad, but I think that’s mostly because I don’t really know what to do against Valerie and how to punish her. Still, I think this matchup would be disadvantageous even if I did know how to play it, and that’s reflected in the MU number above.

Jaina vs Rook: 6-4
Jaina’s really good at putting on free damage and keeping Rook away, but if Rook gets in, it can be hard to get him off and he can kill you in two reads.

Jaina vs Midori: 6-4
Midori has some better tools to approach than Rook does, but it still isn’t easy for him, and he isn’t as scary as Rook is up close. Dragon form is quite bad against you, because it becomes very difficult for him to avoid arrows and approach, especially through jC. Dragon form’s best move, jC throw, is also very risky to use, as you can punish it on reaction with super for two damage. If not 6-4, I definitely think this matchup is 5.5-4.5.

Jaina vs DeGrey: 5.5-4.5
In my experience, DeGrey’s jSuper hasn’t been as oppressive as you claim. Your arrows are pretty good in this matchup. In particular, DeGrey will often want to jump in, so I’ve found that reading the jump and using jB is really strong. Plus, your DP is really good for dealing with DeGrey’s frametrap shenanigans. I think the matchup is quite close, but you have a bit of an edge.

I’ve actually played against a Geiger who could punish my arrows on reaction; granted he was looking for them, but I wasn’t just spamming them. A normal that could fake a B would probably stop this from being a thing, as it’s probably very hard to do. Still, it’s doable.

Our numbers are pretty similar though, that’s good.

I think Grave better than Jaina. I don’t think he really cares much about her zoning since Wind can easily put her on the defense and his jumping Whirlwind has such good range

Whirlwind can be beaten by Jaina’s reversals and, once Jaina gets some space to throw some air Cs and air Supers, he has to be careful throwing them out. Also Jaina can punish Grave Cs at any range quite easily.

Grave’s wind is the real problem in the MU, but with patience you can wait it out.

Just saying between whirlwind and wind, Grave doesn’t really have to worry about Jaina’s zoning, not that you can just randomly do Whirlwind at full screen and not expect to be countered. You mention Jaina getting space and doing Air C, but Whirlwind has enough range to knock Jaina out of the air if she tries Air C, so it is risky

Anyone can wait out Wind with patience but if you “wait it out” you get put on the defensive and you won’t be doing much zoning if he decides to close distance

And any character that CAN’T easily punish Grave Cs should kill themselves =P

as a rook player that looks right. I think she’s way more fun to fight than Grave or Geiger

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