Japanese voice actors for FS

I was just pondering this the other day: If Fantasy Strike gets a Japanese release, the character voices will likely be dubbed in Japanese, right? So I wanted to brainstorm the Japanese voices that’d best fit each of the 20 playable characters (base + Shadow Expansion).

Right now, the Japanese release just uses the English voices, but it would be kind of neat if, one day, they’re successful enough to afford another set of voice actors : O

If anything, it’d be the Japanese distrubutor who’d provide them. My (incomplete) casting consist of:

Grave: Jun Fukuyama
Jaina: Rica Matsumoto
Midori: -
Setsuki: Aoi Yuki
Rook: Takashi Kondo
DeGrey: Banjo Ginga
Valerie: Romi Park
Geiger: -
Lum: Kozo Shioya

Quince: Koichi Yamadera
Onimaru: Norio Wakamoto
BBB: -
Troq: -
Menelker: Kenta Miyake
Persephone: Miki Ito
Gloria: Mayuki Makiguchi
Gwen: -
Vendetta: Kazuhiro Yamaji
Zane: Takashi Kondo

Any ideas of your own GRAG?

Honestly I do not know voice actors well enough to have ideas ^^;