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I’ve been working on things behind the scenes for quite some time, as has our team behind Fantasy Strike. Starting in October, I’ll begin showing this content to our patrons at on Patreon. I plan to show something new about every two weeks for at least the next year . There’s that much in store. It’s really a lot of stuff and it will take a long time to roll all of it out, so come along for the ride.

Most of this content is for new tabletop games. If you’re a fan of Puzzle Strike or Yomi, I hope you’ll like these new things too. Some of it is for the video game Fantasy Strike which also has some exciting things coming. For all this stuff, it’s playable and fun already, yet it’s still far from a public release. So by joining the patreon you’ll get to see my new games (and Fantasy Strike additions) way before everyone else, and you’ll get to help shape how it develops too.

The first new thing I’ll show patrons at the start of October is something for Fantasy Strike that’s been in the works for many months by my whole team. The thing after that is a tabletop games thing that I’ve been developing for years. It takes a long time to make things, so you’ll finally get to see what’s been brewing.

Thank you to our current patrons, and to any new ones who join now. You really are supporting my ability to continue to make these games and the rest Sirlin Games team is also very grateful. Making games is very expensive, so if you’d like to see more of my kind of games come to be, please consider supporting so I can make more things for all of you.

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