List of Throw and Fireball Invulnerable moves V 1.01

Work in progress

Throw Invulnerable [move(frames)]
-Rook: C
-Midori (human): sad Midori
-Dragon: C(1+)
-Valerie: bA(7-26), C
-Argagarg: S
-DeGray: fA(13+), B(1-9), S(1-5)
-Setsuki: ?
-Lum: S(1-5) (bad)
-Grave: C
-Jaina: C, fA (bad)
-Geiger: C

Fireball Invulnerable
-Rook: jB
-Valerie: C
-Setsuki: C
-Lum: B (not really, he just low profiles it if timed right), S(bad)
-DeGrey: B(1-9, but will get hit anyway when he starts coming back unless you’re dodging coin or diagonal arrow or something), BC (1-20), S(1-5, will only ever do so on a super meaty fireball, so pretty much no)