Loading Textureless Character Model On Main Screen

Title: Extra, Textureless Character Model On Main Screen

Summary: In addition to a normal character on the main screen, there was a textureless Jaina without an idle animation standing in the same space.

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure what’s relevant here, but to the best of my recollection:

  1. Cue for ranked and casual, not connect to matches for a while
  2. Watch ranked games while waiting
  3. First match in Bo3 replay starts: few frames in, get “Disconnected from opponent” message even though I haven’t connected to opponent
  4. Get ejected from replay, but not from queue’ing for matches
  5. Continue to watch matches, get into game
  6. Game completes, go to main menu
  7. Textureless, animationless Jaina in place of normal character
  8. Go to Casual character select screen
  9. Regular character with idle animations loads, Z-fighting with Jaina
  10. Get into casual match, finish and leave queue
  11. Anomolous Jaina and other character still in place

Expected Results:
Two things:

  1. Not to get disconnected from an opponent while not playing a match. Possible replay theatre bug?
  2. No spooky Jaina

Actual Results:

  1. Disconnection from opponent while not in match.
  2. Spooky Jaina

From an uneducated guessing point of view, this is a consequence of some sort of matchmaking connection bug. Only time it’s occurred, not sure how reproducible it is.


Game Version:

System Information:
Windows, Steam, Hardline connection, good specs, blah