Logging out of your account?

Hi! I have a bit of an issue I hope I can get help with.
I bought Fantasy Strike a while back on my PS4, and have since then gotten a Switch. Seeing the news about the game being free I downloaded it there too.

Now my problem is that I made an account on my switch, and then went onto my PS4 to see if I could link it to my purchase there. But the PS4 requires me using my PSN name. So I can’t like them, and now have two accounts were only one of them has the core package. So my question is: can I log out of or delete my account on the switch, so that I may switch to the one tied to my PSN handle?

In this situation, as a developer I can manually log you out of your Switch FantasyTag, so that the next time you start the game on Switch, you can log in using your PS4 FantasyTag.

What is the Switch FantasyTag from which you want to log out?

I would apprechiate that! My Switch tag is SonofYmer

Ok done, SonofYmer is now logged off from your Switch. You can now relaunch the game on Switch to log in to your PS4 FantasyTag.

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Thanks a lot! It all works now. :slight_smile:

I am facing same issue, I’m looking to log into my switch fantasy strike account onto my PS4 for my core pack and cosmetic purchases. My pan tag is Groosh.

Ok, you are now logged out of the FantasyTag “Groosh”.

Could you please log me out of “grag on PS4” when you get a chance? No rush

It’s done.

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Can I get a logout as well? “BTrain904” on Switch

KogaK from PSN when you can please?

Can you do the same for me please? my switch tag is Nimruzir

Done, I have logged out BTrain904 from Switch, KogaK from PS4, and Nimruzir from Switch.

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I would like to have my account on ps4, Sss101 logged out as well. will the ability to logout ever be added?

Done, you’re now logged out of Sss101.

(Sony restrictions prevent us from making the logout available in-game.)

Hello! I have a simar issue though I bought the game on the Switch, but forgot to match the username with the PC version.
Could you log out my Account ‘RightInTheFeelZ’ :smiley: from steam? ty in advance

Done, you are now logged out of RightInTheFeelZ.

Hi Thelo, I would also like to be logged out of my PC account so i can merge my PS4 account with my PC account. My PC account username is funfire67

Done, you are now logged out of Funfire67.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: