Longer matches?

I really like this game, I think it can do wonders for the fighting game genre, and I think it is really well balanced, but that can be hard to notice when a round ends in 5 seconds.
Also, having to win 4 rounds seems a bit… odd?

So, maybe reducing the rounds to win to 3 and adding every character 2-3 points of health? (the same amount to everyone. That way the current balance shouldn’t be lost)
Or at least having the option to decide the number of rounds and deciding to increase the health in the singleplayer and local multiplayer modes.

What do you guys think?

I like how the game works now. It resents neutral quite often, which is good.

Besides, the game is balanced around the current life points. Jaina’s zoning for example would receive a nerf by this change as it would be easier to corner her, while her C would be more powerful as it would now deal less self damage in comparison. Her design would shift, which isn’t really what I expect the devs to want.


Hm… yes, you are right. I didn’t take that in mind.
Still, I think it would be fun to include the option to change it in the local multiplayer (where both players can easily reach an agreement). It could also open the possibility to other game modes.
But yeah, it is not a priority right now and the game is already very fun.

In local play (and friend play), you don’t get cut off after a Bo3 set of Bo7 matches. I think having Bo7 be a constant is a positive, because I believe your super meter carries over between rounds (but not between matches), and so making a Bo5 match or a Bo9 match would change the dynamics of the super meter somewhat.

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I agree with this but also disagree, y’know?
It would severely alter the dynamic of the game, making fireballs worse, and combos would be less devastating
this is both something I want but don’t want in a sense

I think some of the matchups lends itself to be longer. I was also worried about 60 second rounds when you can only take so many hits, but I have gotten a few time outs while playing online, so I don’t worry about it anymore ^^