Lum anti air

I’m free to jump ins with lum, any tips?

Lum’s neutral A is custom-made for anti-air purposes, really. His ground C can be good, but it’s a gamble (heh) because sometimes you get a coin or a mini-Lum, but sometimes you get cake or cherry (or a bomb, which can hurt, but doesn’t immediately).

I’ve found Lum’s ground B (Panda Roll) can be pretty effective against aerial attacks as well. If you time it right you can hit the opponent as they descend, or you have a chance to roll right under their attack and set up an attack of your own.

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Lum’s neutral A is very good anti-air. Maybe too good. But it’s not a reversal, meaning it does have a few startup frames where he can be hit. If you need a reversal, he can super. That is a poor man’s reversal in that it’s invulnerable (good!) until the point that it can hit. On the same frame it can hit, it can also be hit, so it will trade with a solid jump in, but that at least gets them off you. You can also attempt ground B as an anti-air depending on timing and spacing.

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I find nA to be really inconsistent, usually trades. My go to anti air is ground B, its very very good, and also beats things nA will never beat, like valerie jump C

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AA’s as Lum? Roll. Roll and never lose to an air normal again. There might be an air special that trades with roll but so long as you’re timing/spacing is good? Just roll. Its reeaaaaaaaly good against air attacks.


I think dragon j.A beats it, but not much else.

Ya Roll and N.A put in work

Oh no! Lum’s ground B (Panda Roll) got nerfed! :cry:

Make Lum’s B Great Again!

It was a “bugfix” it seems. Not sure what else to say.